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Renewable & Solar Energy In Ireland

As global energy prices increase, and our carbon emissions rise, more and more of us are turning to renewable energy methods as a means of building more affordable and more sustainable homes.

Ireland is a country with one of the highest costs of living in the EU, in particular the cost of energy consumption, as well as having one of the highest carbon footprints in Europe and is especially dependent on fossil fuels to meet its electricity demand. This means it is considerably cheaper to supply your home or business with power through the use of solar energy and solar photovoltaic panels. The sun provides us with an infinite amount of free electricity, which can be utilised to help your home reach its maximum output of electricity.

There has never been a more crucial time to consider an affordable, sustainable and efficient means of lighting your home or your business with solar PV panels. Truway Renewables solar energy solutions can support you to make huge savings on energy, and reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing light, hot water or heat in your home. Installing the highest quality solar panel system on your roof can benefit you, not only in terms of supporting the environment, but also to generate electricity without hefty energy bills. Contrary to belief, despite the lack of direct sunlight in Ireland, solar panels easily generate electricity with energy produced from overcast skies.

How Solar PV Panels Add Value To Your Home

Installing solar panels in your home and implementing solar power can increase your home’s value on the Irish market, as solar energy reduces the cost of supplying electricity to the property. This benefits homeowners in the long run and will increase your property’s energy rating, making it worth more due to the installation of your solar PV panels.

The Irish Government has devised incentives and grants for people who wish to install solar PV panels in their homes. These grant measures include the Better Energy Homes Scheme and the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat, which provide financial assistance for homeowners who invest in renewable energy technologies, such as solar electricity. Other grant measures include SEAI grants, which are designed to provide financial support for installing solar panels. Having panels installed requires a skilled individual, and technical equipment such as a hybrid inverter and efficient battery storage, therefore it comes with a cost. The SEAI grants can provide you with support to fund your solar installation.

Using solar electricity allows you to build up more electricity and provides you with added electricity security. Having your electricity generated by solar output reduces your dependence on the national grid, eliminating the risk of national outages and providing you with more energy at a lower cost. The installation of your solar PV panels onto your roof is the most complex challenge involved in transitioning to solar power. Once installed, the panels require very little maintenance going forward and enable your home or business to maximise the amount of electricity produced.

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Things To Consider Before Installing A Solar PV System

Planning permission is sometimes required depending on the nature of your property. If your property is a listed building or in a conservation area, you may require planning permission before installing solar panels. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact your local planning authority.

Making an investment in solar energy can help you make significant savings on your electricity bills. The electricity generated by solar panels is cheaper than that produced by fossil fuels, as the flow of sunlight is unlimited, providing your home with unlimited free power. The technology in the panels also requires very little maintenance, making it cheap to uphold. The assistance from governmental incentives, supports home and business owners to install solar PV panels and switch to solar energy.

Other logistical factors to consider when contemplating the installation of solar panels are the orientation and size of your roof. Solar panels work best with a south-facing orientation in order to capture the most possible light & produce the more power possible. The number of panels you install also depends on the available space on your roof, and the energy consumption in your home. You can refer to the ESB networks and your electricity meter, check your electricity bills or carry out an electricity audit to gain an idea of how much energy your home consumes.

There is no better time to transition from gas or other fossil fuels to clean electricity, power and hot water and benefit from an SEAI grant. Truway Renewables can offer a quote and talk you through common questions, like how many solar panels required for the size of your home or business. Get in touch today for a quote.