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Van der Valk Solar Systems is since 2009 one of the fastest-growing companies in the solar industry and focuses entirely on the development and production of solar mounting systems for pitched roofs, flat roofs, and open fields. Van der Valk Solar Systems also has an office and warehouse in the UK, offices in Sweden and Spain and is currently active in 13 countries.

ValkPro+ L10 South

ValkPitched – Clamp | Standard

ValkDouble | Solar ramp for 2 panels

Systems for flat roofs

Van der Valk Solar Systems’ solar mounting systems for flat roofs have been developed with full attention to roof and wind loads and meet the highest safety requirements. The range excels in simplicity and installation speed. After the design in the design tool, the required ballast can be ordered immediately. This simplifies logistics and installation.

Systems for pitched roofs

Ease of installation, speed and flexibility are important considerations in the development of mounting systems for roofs. There are many types of pitched roofs, each with their own requirements for solid fixing. The range for pitched roofs is both well thought out and complete. The systems can be used on many different roof types, with of course the correct, safe roof attachment for every pitched roof.

Kits for flat and pitched roofs, fields and facades

Speed is paramount for the Kits Van der Valk Solar Systems: calculating speed using the ValkKITSplanner, speed in order picking and speed in mounting. With the Kits you only have to keep a few products in stock and you have exactly the right materials for your order with one grab from the shelf. Errors are thus kept to a minimum and work preparation is simplified.

Van der Valk Solar Systems offers a complete range of cable management products under the name ValkCableCare. With the help of these products, the electrical cabling of the PV system can be concealed neatly, safely and quickly in the PV mounting system. We have two lines; Access and Premium.

ValkCableCare Access

  • Wide range of wire trays, covers, partitions and accessories
  • Quick and easy to connect to each other using “snap-on” coupling plates
  • Wire trays can be placed in the recesses of the rubber tile carriers of the ValkPro + system

ValkCableCare Premium

  • Quick and easy installation without tools due to special click connections
  • Universal roof supports including click connection
  • Wire trays and roof supports packed as a set


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