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A solar panel installation in Ireland offers many benefits, whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner, or looking to reduce costs and utilise unused space on a farm.

Discover the key benefits of using solar panels in Ireland to generate power. Find good reasons why you should always use an experienced and reputable solar panel company to fit solar systems for energy production.

5 Benefits of Using Solar Power and Solar PV Panels

Reduce Your Energy Bills with Solar PV Panels

Utility bills are on the rise across the globe, and home and business owners are exploring new ways to save money long-term. A solar PV system generates energy to power and heat your property. In addition, it provides a solar thermal supply for your hot water system.

The electricity bill savings will depend on the solar PV systems size. According to some sustainable energy authority studies, a typical house could reduce its electricity bills by £330 a year if they installed solar PV panels.

Sell Excess Electricity Back To The Grid

Another financial benefit is the ability to sell any excess energy generated. With a solar PV panel installation, more electricity can help to receive monthly payments for excess power exported to the grid.

Thanks to government tariff schemes, the electricity generated by solar panel installations secures steady income over their full lifespan. This turns it into a successful commercial project. Alternatively, you could look into battery storage options to ensure you have access to energy even on days when solar availability is low.

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Of course, saving money is important, but so is helping the environment. Switching to solar can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as it is a green source of renewable energy. Solar does not emit any harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or other pollutants like traditional electricity generation means (fossil fuels). In many cases, around one tonne of CO2 can be saved yearly.

Independence From The Grid

Many people aim to achieve independence from the power grid, freeing themselves from energy price fluctuations and energy market monopolisation. The solar energy you produce is independent and readily available. Producing your own electricity is extremely beneficial for home and business owners, ensuring you are not at the mercy of energy companies and their additional charges.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Recent data shows that properties with free electricity and solar hot water system can actually increase their value. A solar PV panel installation can increase house prices by 14%, or over $17,000. This means that by installing solar PV panels, even if you plan to sell your home in the near future, you can still get a significant return on investment from solar panels, thanks to their added value.

Solar Panel is an Increasingly Popular Choice among Irish Homeowners and Businesses

Solar power is likely much more affordable than you may think. Even more so, you are eligible for a government grant by the Micro Renewable Energy Federation (MREF) members or the Sustainable Energy Agency of Ireland (SEAI) grant. SEAI grants are designed to help home and business owners, communities, and large industries reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, including the funding of solar energy projects by solar panel companies.

Our Solar System Installation Process

Truway Renewables follows a professional process for both residential and commercial installations. Our expert installers fit all solar panels, solar cell components, ventilation systems, hot water diverters, and other solar energy equipment with precision to provide quality, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

Consider the benefits of the best return on investment to generate electricity independently. Enjoy the peace of mind that your solar PV installation has been carried out to an unbeatable standard.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Professional and Experienced Solar Panels Installers in Ireland

It should go without saying that installing solar panels yourself is not advised if you want them to work to their optimal capacity and see out their full lifespan. Hiring professionals has a number of advantages listed below.

  • A professional service can avoid any potential damage to your home
  • The solar system project will be completed quickly and efficiently
  • A solar installation company offers its own high-quality service aftermath, meaning it does not need to be purchased or hired.
  • Professionals will have the required safety certification to make sure everything is on board.
  • Experienced solar installers will ensure the correct permits are acquired, and the work adheres to strict building codes, avoiding any potential fines if the work is done incorrectly.