Government Incentives for Solar Energy in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. SEAI Solar Electricity Grant
  3. Non-Domestic Microgeneration Grant (NDMG)
  4. TAMS Solar PV Grants
  5. Additional Government Initiatives
  6. How to Apply for Solar Grants
  7. Conclusion


Ireland’s commitment to a sustainable future is evidenced through its robust support for solar energy, including significant government incentives designed to encourage the adoption of solar technology. This article delves into the various grants and incentives available for homeowners, businesses, and farmers in Ireland, aiming to make solar installations more affordable and accessible.

SEAI Solar Electricity Grant

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers a Solar Electricity Grant, providing financial support for homeowners wishing to install solar PV panels. This initiative is part of the government’s effort to increase renewable energy sources within the country. Homeowners can receive up to €2,100, depending on the system’s size, to cover installation costs including labour and materials. Learn more about the benefits of solar panels and how they contribute to a sustainable home on our solar panels page.

Non-Domestic Microgeneration Grant (NDMG)

For businesses, schools, farms, and other non-domestic entities, the NDMG offers funding for the installation of larger solar PV systems, up to a maximum of 1,000 kWp. The grant amount varies with the system size, potentially reaching up to €162,600, making solar installations an attractive investment for reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. Explore our range of AC/DC equipment to complement your solar PV system here.

TAMS Solar PV Grants

The Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) specifically supports farmers in enhancing their farms’ infrastructure with renewable energy solutions, including solar PV systems. Farmers can avail of grants covering up to 60% of the installation costs, with a cap of €90,000, thereby promoting the use of sustainable energy in agriculture. For more information on agricultural services and how solar energy can benefit farms, visit our agricultural services page.

Additional Government Initiatives

In Budget 2024, the Irish government allocated unprecedented funds to support energy upgrades and solar PV installations among other initiatives to foster a net-zero future. This includes electricity credits to alleviate energy costs for households and additional funding from European funds to support energy poverty-stricken households.

How to Apply for Solar Grants

Applying for solar grants in Ireland involves meeting specific eligibility criteria and submitting an application through the SEAI website. Homeowners must own the property and use a registered solar panel company. Similarly, businesses and farmers need to ensure compliance with the respective grant requirements before application. For detailed guidance on the application process, our contact us page offers assistance and advice.


Ireland’s government incentives for solar energy underscore the country’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainability. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or farmer, these grants offer a significant opportunity to contribute to Ireland’s green future while benefiting from reduced energy bills and enhanced energy independence.

Additional Government Initiatives (Continued)

In addition to direct financial grants, the Irish government has implemented policy changes to bolster the solar energy sector. Notably, the decision to apply a 0% VAT rate on domestic solar panel installations has significantly spurred growth in this sector. Over 21,000 households were expected to benefit from this policy in 2023 alone, highlighting the government’s proactive stance on encouraging renewable energy adoption. For insights on how solar energy can transform your home’s energy efficiency, explore our home insulation solutions.

The Role of European Funding

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) plays a crucial role in supplementing national efforts towards energy sustainability. By providing additional funding, the ERDF ensures that the government’s initiatives can reach a broader audience, including households at risk of energy poverty. This collaboration between national and European resources is pivotal in advancing Ireland’s energy transformation goals.

Impact on Energy Independence and Carbon Footprint

Investing in solar PV systems not only leads to energy bill savings but also significantly contributes to Ireland’s energy independence and carbon footprint reduction. By leveraging government incentives and grants, individuals and organisations can partake in the national effort towards achieving a low-carbon economy. The increase in solar installations reflects a collective move towards sustainable energy sources, vital for mitigating climate change impacts.

Future Outlook and Sustainability Goals

The government’s continuous investment in solar energy incentives reflects its long-term commitment to sustainability and climate action goals. By making solar energy more accessible and affordable, Ireland is well-positioned to meet its renewable energy targets and contribute to global environmental protection efforts. The expansion of these incentives is essential for fostering innovation, creating green jobs, and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

For those interested in the broader implications of solar energy and sustainability in Ireland, our blog offers further reading and insights into the latest trends and developments in the renewable energy sector.


The comprehensive suite of government incentives for solar energy in Ireland signifies a robust framework designed to facilitate the transition to renewable energy. Through financial grants, policy support, and collaboration with European funding, Ireland is forging a path towards a sustainable and energy-independent future. By taking advantage of these opportunities, individuals, businesses, and farmers can contribute to a greener Ireland, enjoying the dual benefits of cost savings and environmental stewardship.

As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by renewable energy, the importance of government incentives in catalysing the adoption of solar technology cannot be overstated. Ireland’s commitment to renewable energy, as demonstrated through these incentives, sets a precedent for effective climate action and sustainability practices worldwide.

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