Roofsupport offers the possibility to correctly guide cabling behind PV panels and then bring it to the inverters in combination with the roof supports on the flat roof. Whether for private garage roofs or large flat roof projects. Roofsupport offers the ideal and most elegant solution.

This unique system offers the solution for the safe and sustainable laying of cable routes on roofs.


Due to the Type 1 + 2 SPDs provided in the PVbox, the connection boxes always offer the right level of security. This makes PV Box ideal as a regular overvoltage protection cabinet and for use in the presence of - and coupling with - a lightning protection system. Since lightning protection and PV systems are increasingly being linked, the demand for surge protection Type 1 + 2 is growing.


Conduct Technical Solutions BV is a young and fast-growing Value Added Reseller in the field of electrical installation materials. Conduct specializes in lightning and surge protection. They are also importers for the surge protection manufacturer SALTEK and also SALTEK knowledge center. In addition to SALTEK, they also market RoofSupport cable wire systems and PVbox junction boxes. Extensive support is also offered in areas such as advice, training, design, project management and other knowledge transfer to installers, consultants and clients.

Source: Conduct